Water in Trunk Under Spare Tire: Causes and Solutions

water in trunk under spare tire

Finding a pool of water in the trunk underneath the spare tire can be both alarming and mysterious — what could it be? Water in the compartment can be an unnerving mystery if you don’t drive the car in rainy conditions. It’s essential to figure out the water source as soon as possible. To avoid any potential damage before it’s too late. 

Let’s explore some common causes of water in the trunk under the spare tire and how to identify the source in your vehicle.

Common Causes of Water in the Trunk Under the Spare Tire

  • The most common explanations for water in the trunk under a vehicle’s spare tire are condensation, a hole in the exhaust system, or a leak in the car’s cab. 
  • Condensation most frequently occurs with a significant temperature change. 
  • Such as, when air is cooled, water vapor in the air condenses. 

Assessing the Situation

  • The next step in solving the mystery of the water in the trunk under the spare tire is to assess the situation. 
  • Finding the cause requires some initial observations before delving deeper into troubleshooting.
  • The first thing to consider is the distance and duration of the last trip. 
  • Longer drives usually produce more moisture and are the leading cause of water collecting in the trunk. 
  • The climate is also essential for troubleshooting; for instance, if the vehicle was in an area with high humidity, that could be a contributing factor.

Distance and Duration of Last Trip

  • This may provide some clues as to what has caused the water. 
  • Generally, more mileage and longer time on the road create more water vapor inside the vehicle. So if you find any water drops soon after a road trip. It’s more likely that it is simply a case of condensation.
  • Even if the vehicle’s last journey was short, it is still possible that the car has been on a more extended trip shortly before and has to clean afterward. 
  • In this case, the trapped moisture could slowly build up over time and could have been explained by this. 
  • As such, it’s essential to consider the vehicle’s past and last journeys when attempting to solve this problem.

FAQs of Water in Trunk Under the Spare Tire

How can a hole appear in the exhaust system?

  • A hole in the exhaust system, either caused by rusted metal or damaged parts, can allow moisture from the exhaust to enter the vehicle’s trunk.
  • Typically this will become more evident after driving for a while, and the engine has been working hard and producing more water vapor.

What are the reasons for leaking into my trunk?

  • A leak from the cab into the trunk can result from a punctured window seal, crack, or broken door seal. 
  • If the source leak concentrates in the trunk’s upper left or right corner, it’s mostly coming in from the cab.

Can we figure out the issue with the smell?

  • The smell of moisture is also helpful in diagnosing the problem. 
  • It could indicate an exhaust leak if the scent is musty or pungent. 
  • However, if the water smells like the car’s cabin, it likely comes from an interior leak.

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