Removing Nail Polish Smell from a Car: Tips and Solutions

nail polish smell in car

Like most people, you probably enjoy doing your nails in the car. However, one downside of at-car manicures is that they can leave your car smelling like nail polish remover (or acetone). Here are steps to eliminate that unpleasant smell and restore a pleasant scent to your vehicle.

Ventilate Your Car

  • The first step is ventilating your car. 
  • Open the windows and doors on a warm day to let fresh air in. 
  • You can also turn on the vehicle’s air conditioning to help circulate the air. 
  • If it’s cold outside, crack the windows to let some fresh air in.

Use Air Fresheners

  • Air fresheners can help mask the nail polish smell. 
  • Many different air fresheners are available, so you can choose the perfect one that best suits your needs. 
  • For example, you can use a spray air freshener, an electric air freshener, or a scented car air freshener.

Clean Your Car’s Interior

  • You’ll need to clean the nail polish smell from your car’s upholstery or carpet. 
  • Start by vacuuming the affected area to remove any loose dirt or debris. 
  • Then, use a carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner to clean the area.

Try a Natural Deodorizer

  • If you’re searching for a more natural way to eliminate the nail polish smell, try using a natural deodorizer. 
  • You can make your natural deodorizer by mixing 1 cup of baking soda with ten drops of essential oil. 
  • Or, you can purchase a natural deodorizer at your local health food store.

Wash the Car

  • If the nail polish smell comes from your car’s exterior, you’ll need to clean it. 
  • Start by washing the outside of your vehicle with a bar of car soap. 
  • Then, use a hose to rinse the soap off. 
  • If the nail polish smell comes from the tires, you can try cleaning them with a tire cleaner.

FAQs about Nail Polish Smell in the Car: Answers to commonly asked questions about the foul smell

How can I avoid the foul odor from nail polish?

  • One of the perfect things is using good quality nail polish. 
  • Quality nail polisher will help ensure the smell is less intense. 
  • Another good tip is to make sure that you let the nail polish dry completely before you put your hands in the car.

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