How to Fix Steering Assist Fault Service Required: Troubleshooting Guide

How to Fix Steering Assist Fault Service Required

Steering assist systems are a common feature in modern cars and SUVs. They play a critical role in maintaining the vehicle’s stability and control. When a steering assist fault occurs, the vehicle’s onboard computer typically displays a “service required” warning message. It can be a frustrating experience for any driver. Still, the good news is that the problem can resolve quickly and easily in most cases. This article will provide a troubleshooting guide on how to fix the steering assist fault service required. Including common causes and solutions to help you get back on the road.

Meaning of the Warning Steering Assist Fault Service Required

  • A steering assist fault service required is a warning signal that there is a problem with the vehicle’s steering assist system. 
  • The steering assist system is a computer-controlled system that helps the driver steer the car more efficiently. By providing additional assistance to the steering wheel. 
  • This system comprises a steering angle sensor, a control module, and a motor that assists the steering.
  • When a steering assist fault occurs. The vehicle’s onboard computer will typically display a warning message on the dashboard that says “service required” or “steering assist fault.” 
  • This warning message indicates a problem with the steering assist system. And that it needs to have a look as soon as possible

Common Causes of Steering Assist Fault

  • Worn or damaged steering rack or pinion: Some common symptoms of the dull or damaged steering rack or pinion include. Loose steering, difficulty turning the steering wheel, strange noises when turning the steering wheel, and uneven tire wear. 
  • Power steering fluid leaks: A power steering fluid leak happens to worn or damaged seals or hoses. Leaks in the power steering pump or leaks in the steering gear. 
  • Electrical issues such as a failed control module or wiring problems: Wiring problems can occur in any part of the vehicle and can cause by a variety of factors. Such as corrosion, physical damage, or faulty connections
  • Failed steering angle sensor: This problem can happen due to physical damage, wiring issues, software issues, exposure to high temperatures and moisture, etc. 
  • Software issues in the vehicle’s onboard computer: Software issues can cause by various factors. Including a software glitch, a problem with the onboard computer’s hardware, or even a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

FAQs of How to Fix Steering Assist Fault Service Required

How to Fix Steering Assist Fault Service Required

  • Inspect for leaks: Look for signs of leakage around the power steering pump, hoses, and steering gear; any leaks found should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Have a professional mechanic diagnose the problem: If you cannot fix it on your own, have a professional mechanic diagnose and repair the problem.
  • Check the power steering fluid level: Low fluid levels can cause problems with the power assist to the steering wheel. Check the fluid level and top it off if necessary.
  • Inspect the control module: check for any signs of physical damage or check the wiring for any loose connections.
  • Inspect the steering angle sensor: Check for physical damage or corrosion on the sensor and check the wiring for any loose connections.
  • Check for software updates: Check with the vehicle’s manufacturer to see if any software updates are available for the onboard computer.

How much money would troubleshooting the Assist Fault Service Required issue cost?

  • The cost may be minimal if the issue happens to a simple problem such as low power steering fluid level or a minor leak. And only a few dollars for the fluid or a simple repair.

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