Can I Put Lowering Springs On Stock Shocks

can i put lowering springs on stock shocks

So, you’re considering lowering your car, but you’re still determining if you can use stock shocks with lowering springs. Can you get a smooth ride with this setup?

The answer is yes; you can get a smooth ride with stock shocks and lowering springs. However, it will be a bit firmer than if you had upgraded shocks. The reason is that the lowering springs will stiffen up the ride a bit.

If you’re okay with a firmer ride, then go ahead and use stock shocks with lowering springs. But if you’re looking for the absolute smoothest ride possible, you’ll want to upgrade your shocks.

Lowering Springs vs. Stock Shocks

There are some options when it comes to suspension upgrades for your car. But one of the most common questions is: should I get lowering springs or stock shocks?

To help answer this question, let’s first look at what each option does:

  • Lowering springs lower the ride height of your car. Giving it a lower center of gravity, which can improve handling. 
  • It also can make your car look more aggressive.
  • On the other hand, stock shocks work with the stock springs. 
  • They provide a smooth ride and generally don’t lower the ride height.

So, which should you get?

  • Generally speaking, we recommend lowering springs for most applications. 
  • They offer the best handling and ride quality improvement. 
  • However, there are some cases where stock shocks may be the better option.
  • Stock shocks are the way to go if you’re not looking to lower your car. 
  • They’ll provide a smooth ride and won’t change the look of your vehicle.
  • If you want to lower your car, then lowering the springs is the way. 
  • They’ll improve the handling and give your vehicle a more aggressive look.
  • So, there you have it. When it comes to lowering springs vs. stock shocks, it depends on what you’re looking for. 

The Pros of Lowering Springs on Stock Shocks

  • Lowering springs will lower your car’s center of gravity and improve handling.
  • You will only have to change out your shocks if you’re happy with the ride quality they provide.
  • Lowering springs are usually less expensive than buying new shocks.

The Cons of Lowering Springs on Stock Shocks

  • Your car’s ride quality will improve if you change your shocks.
  • You’ll likely have to replace your shocks sooner if you don’t upgrade them when you install lowering springs.
  • Your car’s suspension will be less forgiving if you don’t upgrade your shocks.

FAQs of Lowering Springs on Stock Shocks

Should I replace my shocks if I put lowering springs on my car?

  • You will only need new shocks if you have a slight reduction. 
  • But replacing your shocks is good if the reduction is higher than the average. 
  • When you drop your car, the shock absorbers have to work harder to do their job.

How much will it cost to put lowering springs on my car?

  • Depending on the model of your car, lowering springs can range in price from $200 to $600. 
  • And that’s not including the labor cost if you’re not doing the work yourself.

What are the risks of putting lowering springs on stock shocks?

  • For starters, lowering your car can impact the shocks, but not in a good way. 
  • The design of the shocks shows that they can work with the stock suspension, and reducing the vehicle can change how they function. 
  • Additionally, lowering your vehicle too much can bottom out, which can cause severe damage.

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