Troubleshooting Auto Window Issues After Battery Replacement

auto window not working after battery replacement

After replacing your car battery, you may find that your auto window needs repair. Here’s a quick fix for that problem.

  • Suppose your auto window needs a repair after replacing the battery. In that case, it is probably due to a faulty window motor or a broken window seal. 
  • Let’s go through the details to get some vital information.

Steps to Troubleshoot a Faulty Window Motor If the Auto Window is not Working after Replacing the Battery

If you’re having trouble with your window motor, you can try a few things to overcome the issue. 

  • First, check to make sure that you fully close the window. Sometimes the window can get stuck in a partially open position, which can cause the motor to malfunction.
  • The next step is to check the fuse to see if the window is not open and the motor isn’t working. The fuse box is usually under the hood of the car. If the fuse is not in good condition, you’ll need to replace it with a genuine one.
  • If the fuse is OK, the next step is to check the wiring. Sometimes the wires can become loose or disconnected. You’ll need to check all the connections and ensure they’re tight.
  • If the wiring is all connected, the next step is to check the window motor. 

Steps to Troubleshoot a Broken Window Seal If the Auto Window is not Working after Replacing the Battery

If you have a vehicle with a broken window seal, there are a few steps you can take to overcome the issue. 

  • Look at the inside of the car. If you see any gaps or cracks in the seal, you should replace it with a new one. 
  • If the seal looks fine, you can use a sealant to repair it.
  • To replace the seal, you’ll need to go to an auto parts store and purchase a new one. 
  • Once you have the new seal, you’ll need to remove the old one. 
  • Replacing can be done by prying it off with a tool such as a screwdriver. 

FAQs of Auto Window Failures After Replacing the Battery

What are the consequences of not fixing the Window Motor?

  • For one thing, if your window motor is not working, it’s not just your window that will not work. The window motor is responsible for operating your car’s windows. So, if you have more than two windows that are not working, trying to get airflow in your vehicle will be a real pain.
  • Another consequence of having a window motor that’s not working is that it can cause your car to overheat. The reason is that the window motor controls the airflow in your vehicle. If the window motor is not working, the airflow in your car will be significantly restricted, which can cause your vehicle to overheat.
  • Finally, being unable to fix the window motor can also lead to more severe problems down the road, including your vehicle not starting or your car’s lights not working.

What are the consequences of not fixing the Broken Window Seal?

  • There are a few different consequences of having a broken window seal. 
  • First, it can let water and debris into your car, which can cause damage. 
  • Second, it can impact your gas mileage, as outside air can enter your car and make it less aerodynamic. 
  • Finally, it can also cause your car’s AC to work less efficiently, as it will have to work harder to keep the inside of your car cool.

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